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AI Sires

The Sedgewood Angus program is based on 100% AI breeding and embryo transfer .  We select AI sires for good EPD's for docilty, calving ease, scrotal circumference, carcass traits, and growth.  We sample many top AI sires each year as we strive for the ideal combination of Angus traits.  Below are just a few of the sires we have used recently.

  • Multi-trait excellence with big time calving ease to growth spread, strong maternal traits, outstanding carcass merit and documented feed efficiency genetics

  • Ranks in the top 1% for Feed Efficiency and the top 10% for Total Profit through the commercial, real world Angus Sire Alliance testing environment

  • Strong carcass proof, ranking among the top 5 bulls in the breed for $B Index among high accuracy sires with 40 or more carcass records

  • Moderate mature size bull with a top 10% $W Index, moderate Milk EPD and top 10% Docility and $EN values


  • High accuracy, double digit Calving Ease combined with excellent thickness

  • Outstanding overall performance through the commercially oriented Angus Sire Alliance testing program where he ranks in the top 5% across the board for Total Profit, Feed Efficiency and Maternal Index

  • Progeny proven efficiency sire who ranks in the top 1% for reduced feed intake

  • Sires complete, attractive and sound made cattle with excellent docility

  • His solid calving ease and maternally oriented data package combined with a no holes phenotype add up to great customer satisfaction and mating flexibility


  • Offers all the convenience and value of his preeminent sire with more power, thickness and muscle

  • Combines double digit Calving Ease with outstanding performance, type and fleshing ability

  • High efficiency sire who ranks in the top 10% for reduced feed intake through the Angus Sire Alliance testing program

  • Maternal brother to COMPLETE

  • Daughters are deep ribbed, soft made and easy fleshing with added hip and thickness


  • One of the most dominant and unique bulls in S A V history and now a progeny proven performer through the Angus Sire Alliance

  • The #1 Sire for Total Profit and Feed Efficiency Indexes through the Angus Sire Alliance commercial testing ground

  • Progeny earned him a top 2% ADG EPD combined with a top 10% EPD for reduced Feed Intake

  • Transmits added volume, capacity and dimension

  • Low birth weight S A V sire with top 1% Yearling growth and RADG EPDs

SAV Bismark 5682


  • Bismarck has become the premier calving ease option to add style, muscle and maternal excellence.

  • This highly proven sire offers multi-trait excellence that has resulted in high customer satisfaction, keeping Bismarck at or near the top of the Genex sales list for multiple years.

  • No other bull in the Angus database offers such a highly proven combination of sleep at night calving ease, adequate growth, high ribeye area and $W; Bismarck covers all the bases!

Connealy Right Answer 746

  • Right Answer is one of the breed's most heavily used bulls because of tremendous customer satisfaction.

  • He sires easy calving, high performance cattle with quiet attitudes which make outstanding replacement heifers.

  • Ideal mating on New Design, In Focus, Image Maker and Bismarck females.

Other AI Sires in use

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