April 25, 2020

Our Bull Sale this year was held online at  where 42 active bidders from three states competed for 32 bulls. All 32 lots were sold with 15 bulls going for over $5000 each.   Sale average was $4,603.  The top bull was Sedgewood Homestead B232  selling for $6,500 to Macey Jones of Laurel.  Go to our Bull Sale page to see individual bull data, sale prices and photos of this year's Sedgewood Angus bulls.


Thank you everyone for making this year's sale a success!!  A super big THANK YOU goes out to Greg Lee, Bill & Mindy Rutherford, Lloyd Ousterhaut and Frank Nichols who have bought a total of 54 bulls over the last 18 years!!  

We needed more bulls!!   Work is underway to increase the number of bulls in future sales.  We are selecting for cattle that will be at the top for ALL the important traits: Calving Ease, Weaning Weight, $Maternal, $Weaning, $Beef, Marbling, Docility, Feed Efficiency, good feet, and Heifer Pregnancy EPDs.   Others brag that their bulls are tops for weaning weight, or for $Beef, or for Calving Ease, etc.   In the next few years, Sedgewood will be one of the rare breeders that can deliver bulls in volume that not only have great phenotypes but also top the breed for ALL the important EPDs.  


We have worked hard for the last 26 years to improve the quality of our bulls.  Not being satisfied with the rate of our progress, we ramped up our Embryo Transfer program 3 years ago to build a donor quality Registered Angus female herd.  We are almost there.  There are 12 ET 1st calf heifers due to calve in October that are flush sisters to this year's top bulls.  There are 19 fantastic ET heifers out of Gardiner, Thomas, EXAR and our T29 donors that will be weaned in June and bred in January.   Another 35 world class ET heifer calves are due this October.  Go to the Embryo Transfer tab to see our ET matings.


Adding 60+ donor quality ET females to our herd will get us closer our quality goals.  Next we will work to increase the number of quality bulls we offer each year.  We plan to make donors of our best ET females and use sexed male semen to significantly raise the number of top ET bulls we raise each year.   We will never stop working to increase the quality of our Sedgewood Angus cattle.

Thank you for your support.  We look forward to seeing you in the future.



Bill Howard

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2019 Bull Sale Results

We sold 33 of the 36 bulls offered in our opening day bull sale Saturday, April 27, 2019.  The top bull sold for $5,500 with seven bulls selling for over $4,000.  The 33 bulls sold for an average of $3,430.   


A big THANK YOU goes out to Lindsey Sims for buying the top bull for $5,500, Peyton Randolph for the 2nd top bull @ $4,900, and Chris Krielow for not only taking the 3rd top selling bull @ $4,800 but also taking four good bulls back home to southwest Louisiana.  


We also appreciate our many long time, repeat buyers.  Steve Armstrong bought his 17th bull and Frank Nichols bought his 8th bull this time.  


Nancy and I really appreciate y’all taking the time to come to our sale.   Our program would not be a success without your confidence in Sedgewood bulls.

2018 Bull Sale Results

Sedgewood's 2018 Opening Day Bull was held on Saturday, April 28, 2018.  We sold 32 bulls for an average of $3,250.  A big THANK YOU goes out to Charles Gatlin for buying the top bull at $5,000, Steve Armstrong for taking the next two @ $4,750 each, and Lloyd Ousterhout for taking another great bull home for $4,400.  

We also appreciate our many repeat customers.  Bill & Mindy Rutherford bought their 24th bull, Steve Armstrong bought his 13th bull, and Lloyd Ousterhout bought his 7th bull from us this time.


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Go to our Contact Us page for directions by Google Maps.  Call or email us before you come so we can be available when you get here and verify your GPS navigation doesn't send you the long way here!

FarmWeek Video

The MSU Extension Service featured a video of the Sedgewood cattle operation for FarmWeek on ETV awhile back.  Go to the Videos and Articles section to see how we manage our cattle.  Go to our Farm Tour Page for photos of sale day activities.


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Bill Howard  



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