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Bulls for Sale 

Our next bull sale will be April 2024.

Send us your email address if you would like to be notified before the sale.

Results of our April, 2023 Bull Sale

Our 2023 Sedgewood Angus Bull Sale was held April 29th with 31 bulls selling into 3 states for an average of $4,330.00 each.  Almost all our buyers were repeat buyers going back 20+ years.  Thank you, Dennis Dean, for taking the top two lots for $5,900 and $5,800 each.  Dennis always picks the best bulls for his top-notch cattle program.     **Using Sedgewood bulls is the closest thing to doing AI yourself**

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Embryos for Sale

We can now sell a limited number of elite custom IVF embryos to other breeders.

Click here for the available donors: Embryos for Sale


Results of our April, 2022 Bull Sale


Our 2022 Sedgewood Angus Bull Sale was held on April 30th with a sale average of $4,800 per lot.  32 bulls sold into three states and two bulls were selected for the Mississippi State University Experiment Station herd. 

Cypress Branch Farms took the D202 bull for $12,500.   D202 is an incredible bull combining muscle, super calving ease, super growth, $Beef and maternal traits with the docility of a puppy.  James McCurdy plans to collect D202 and market semen.  There is not a better overall genetic package in the AI stud catalogs.  Contact me if you want to use this bull in your AI program.                                       

FarmWeek Video

The MSU Extension Service featured a video of the Sedgewood cattle operation for FarmWeek on ETV awhile back.  Go to the Videos and Articles section to see how we manage our cattle.  


Email Contact List

Please email us so we can add your email address to our contact file.  This will allow us to keep you up to date on cattle for sale in the future.

Thank you for your interest.   


Bill Howard  



Cell:      601-761-0001






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