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Updated on April 16, 2015


                                             Bull Sale Saturday, April 25, 2015 


Our new crop of bulls is the best group of bulls we have ever offered for sale.  Our annual On Farm Bull Sale will be held on Saturday morning, April 25, 2015.  The bulls will be available for viewing at 8:00 am and the sale will start at 10 o'clock.  They have been running all winter in a 150 acre cotton field which has kept them in good athletic condition.  They were not grown out on a hot corn ration.  As a result they have more muscle and less fat.  Their average weight should be around 1500# on sale day.  Click Here to get directions to the Bull Sale


Calving Ease Bulls 


There are 11 bulls in the list that I have identified as "calving ease" bulls that based on their data should work on yearling heifers.  My criteria for "calving ease" is that the bull must have all three of the following:  (1)  Actual birth weight of 70# or less, (2)  Birth Weight EPD of 2.0 or less, AND, (3) a CED (Calving Ease Direct) EPD of 7.0 or higher.  


There are 4 other bulls that come close to meeting my criteria that I have listed as "maybe".  Any bulls in this sale should to work on grown cows without a problem.


EPD's and Pedigrees


The bulls are listed below. Click a bull’s tattoo number to take you to the American Angus website where you can then click the search button to view the bull’s full pedigree and EPD’s. Click the AI sire’s name to view the sire’s photo, EPD’s, pedigree, etc.  


How We Conduct Our Sale


On the morning of the sale we will pen the bulls in groups according to their floor price.  At 10:00am we will start selling bulls.  Each bull will be brought up for consideration.  If there is no interest in a bull, we will pass on to the next.  If only one person wants the bull, he will get the bull at the floor price.  If more than one person wants the bull, we will bid him off between those buyers in $50 increments until one person gets him.  We do not use an auctioneer.  The sale is done low key by me and my wife Nancy with the help of family members and a few cowboy friends.  


Our goal is to conduct a slow and easygoing sale so no one feels pressured. Our intent is to allow anyone wanting "first pick" to have a chance to get their bull.  Any bulls not sold that day will be for sale at private treaty at a price that will increase after the sale as the bulls continue to develop.


Absentee Bids 


We can do absentee bids for anyone that needs a bull but can't be at the sale.  You would come review the bulls before the sale and leave bids on those you like.  When they come up for sale, we will put your bid in at the floor price and raise it only to meet the competion.  If you get the bull, it will be at the same price you would have paid if you had been there.


Semen Tests


The bulls were semen tested on 4-14-2015 and any that had problems were removed from the list.  It should be noted that the average scrotal circumference for our group of 18 month old bulls was 39 cm.  The minimum required to pass is 34 cm.  Many full grown bulls don't reach 39 cm!!  This is a result of our breeding policy where we will not use an AI sire that doesn't have a superior Scrotal Circumference EPD.  These boys have all their tools and are ready to work.


How We Price Our Bulls


Sedgewood has been 100% AI since we began the registered herd 20 years ago.  No clean-up bulls are used in our program.  Our bulls are sired by top AI sires and boast many generations of AI genetics on their dam's side of the pedigree as well.  As a rule of thumb the value of a good bull is 4 to 5 times the value of a 500-600# commercial steer calf.  500-600# steer calves are bringing $1,200 to $1,500 each which places the value of a good bull at $4,800 to $6,000 or more.  A comparable set of good bulls that sold at the Tanner Farms Bull Sale last fall averaged $5,450.   


Our average floor price for this sale is $4,425 which is well under the value of superior bulls like these.  Individual bull prices vary and are influenced by birth weight, weaning weight, current weight, docility, dams production history, and many other factors.


I took photos (posted below) with my cell phone to give everyone an idea of how thick, muscular, and uniform these bulls are.  I have posted individual photos of most of the bulls.  If time permits I will try to add the ones that have been camera shy.  Any interested parties are encouraged to come prior to the sale to inspect the bulls.  Please call to schedule a time when we will be available.


When Will Bulls Need to be Picked Up?


We will load the bulls out in the order in which they were sold for those buyers with trailers.  For buyers that don't bring their trailers, we will feed and care for the bulls at no charge (for up to two weeks) until they can be picked up.  


Bred Females for Sale,  Saturday May 2, 2015


Sedgewood has 10 bred female lots in the annual Mississippi Angus Sale at Hinds Junior College in Raymond on Saturday, May 2nd.  We have consigned 7 bred cows with heifer calves at their side and 3 heifers bred AI to calve at 24 months of age.  They will be available for viewing at the barn on the day of the bull sale.  Click here to go to the sale catalog: 



2014 Sedgewood Bull Sale Results 


We had 32 bulls offered at our opening day bull sale in 2014.  A big THANK YOU goes out to Roger Hancock for buying the top bull at $9,150 and Bruce Roberts for the 2nd top bull at $8,700.  We sold 21 bulls for an average of $4,375.  


2014 Mississippi Angus Association Sale Results

Sedgewood had ten lots in the 2014 Mississippi Angus Association Sale. For the second time in the last four years, one of our consignments was judged the Champion Cow-Calf Pair of the sale.  Our top pair brought $5,800 (cow went $3,300 and her 6 month old heifer calf sold for $2,500). The eight cows averaged $2,870, the two bred heifers averaged $2,525, and eight heifer calves averaged $1,970.

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