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Embryo Transfer


We started the Sedgewood Registered Angus herd in 1994 using 100% AI with no clean up bulls and later began Embryo Transfer (ET) with our top "super cows" as donors.  Next, embryos from elite outside donors helped expand the number of superior females in our herd.   Each January we transfer about 50 embryos into our commercial Angus recipient cows. Although most of our embryos are now from elite in-house females, we continue to add new genetics from outside donors.   

In 2003 we closed our herd to outside live animals to protect us from bringing in any cattle diseases.  All new genetics come in as semen and embryos.   

Sedgewood Donors

aF45b1 & J10 & L27.jpg

 Registered embryo transfer heifer calf B12 born 10-11-2018.  Donor dam was Sedgewood L27 and sire was Cowboy Up.

Our original donors: 9121, J10 and L27

Sherrod Rita 9121 was our original "Super Cow".  She was an EXT daughter out of the famous Gardiner Angus donor cow GAR Pierre 1332.  9121 calved at 24 months of age and her first calf had a 205 day weaning weight (no creep) of 751# with a 119 weaning weight ratio. She had 34 calves before she retired at 16 years old. 


Sedgewood 036 Design J10 was a New Design 036 daughter of 9121.  She had 11 natural calves with an average weaning weight ratio of  110.  She had 37 calves before she retired at 14 years old.  

Sedgewood Newsline L27 was a Newsline daughter of 9121.  She had a total of 59 natural and ET calves before she retired at 14 years old.  She was a prolific embryo donor and produced thick masculine bull calves and beautiful feminine daughters.  

L27 at 13 years old.









































Embryos For Sale

The Sedgewood herd now has several donor quality females with industry leading genetics to generate embryos for our continued progress. We can now sell a limited number of custom IVF embryos to other breeders.

Click here for the available donors:

Donor L27a.jpg
ET calf1.jpg
Recip + A16.jpg

Registered embryo transfer heifer calf A16 next to her 14 year old commercial Angus recipient mama.  Heifer born 9-26-2017 and weighed 784 pounds (no creep feed) when weaned on 6-5-2018.  Donor dam was Sedgewood L27 and sire was Right Answer.

Outside Embryo Donors with daughters in our herd:

Zebo Queen 6282 (18800361)  Full sister to VAR Legend

Top 3% $B, 5% WW, 15% $M, 2% Docility, 5% HP, 10% RADG, 20% CED

Deer Valley Blackcap 6347 (18519501)  Top 2% $B, 5% WW, 1% Docility, 10% Marb, 15% $M

GAR Prophet A222 (17383133)  Top 1% $W, 15% $B, 1% Marb, 5% $M

Powell Erica 7039 (18774554)  Top 1% $W, 10% $B, 1% Marb, 15% $M

Williams Prop Erica 255 110 (17954291) Top 1% $W, 10% $B, 2% Marb

GAR 100X 2195 (18333181) Top 1% $B, 1% CED, 1% RADG, 15% $W

Thomas Erica 45710 (18177699) Top 10% $B, 10% CED, 3% RADG, 15% WW 

EXAR Lucy 4190 (17822302)   Top 3% Marb, 10% $B, 15% WW

Black Gold LAF Rita 4126 (18016522)  Dam is full sister to GAR Prophet

Top 2% Marb, 10% $B, 10% CED, 15% WW, 10% RADG


Craft Erroline 3039-1601 (18584759) Flush sister to the World Champion pen of bulls at the Midland Bull Test. Top 2% WW, 10% CED, 10% $B, 4% RADG

Zebo Queen 3000 (17816771)  Top 10% $W, 15% $M, 30% $B

OHF Alexis Upward Z53 (17402361) Top 2% $W, 10% $B, 10% $M, 15% Marb

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