Embryo Transfer


No one ever achieves perfection, but you must always work towards perfection for your program to achieve success. 


When we started the Sedgewood Registered Angus herd in 1994, we dedicated our program to be 100% AI with no clean up bulls in order to make genetic advancement as quickly as possible.  We then began our Embryo Transfer (ET) program using our top "super cows" as donors.  We have now gone the next step in our ET program by buying embryos from elite outside donor cows - many of which are full sisters to such popular AI studs as GAR Prophet, Absolute, Mytty In Focus, etc.   Where possible we are using embryos from sexed semen to expand the number of elite females in our herd.     

We now transfer an average of 60 embryos per year into our commercial Angus recipient cows.  Conception rate varies from 80+% conception with our fresh embryos to about 65% with our frozen embryos to about 45% with the frozen embryos we buy from nationally recognized programs.  

Sedgewood Donors

 Registered embryo transfer heifer calf B12 born 10-11-2018.  Donor dam was Sedgewood L27 and sire was Cowboy Up.

Our original donors: 9121, J10 and L27

Sherrod Rita 9121 was our original "Super Cow".  She was an EXT daughter out of the famous Gardiner Angus donor cow GAR Pierre 1332.  9121 calved at 24 months of age and her first calf had a 205 day weaning weight (no creep) of 751# with a 119 weaning weight ratio. She had 34 calves before she retired at 16 years old. 


Sedgewood 036 Design J10 was a New Design 036 daughter of 9121.  She had 11 natural calves with an average weaning weight ratio of  110.  She had 37 calves before she retired at 14 years old.  

Sedgewood Newsline L27 was a Newsline daughter of 9121.  She had a total of 59 natural and ET calves before she retired at 14 years old.  She was a prolific embryo donor and produced thick masculine bull calves and beautiful feminine daughters.  

L27 at 13 years old.

























































Sedgewood Connection T29 is our newest in house embryo donor.  She is a Connection daughter out of a Connealy Power One dam and is not related to the "super cows"  9121, J10 or L27.   T29 is a very feminine moderate framed calving ease cow with a perfect udder, good feet and is docile as a lamb.  She weans beautiful light birth weight calves that wean in the top half of our herd (has had 5 natural calves w/ 102 WW ratio).  In my opinion she is almost the perfect female with balanced EPDs and her docility make her a joy to work with.  We are breeding T29 to power bulls (Rampage, Cowboy Up, Acclaim, etc.) where her calves will get the enhanced growth of their sires, and T29 will add the Docility, Calving Ease and Milk to round out the perfect package.


Registered embryo transfer heifer calf A16 next to her 14 year old commercial Angus recipient mama.  Heifer born 9-26-2017 and weighed 784 pounds (no creep feed) when weaned on 6-5-2018.  Donor dam was Sedgewood L27 and sire was Right Answer.

In 2003 we closed our herd to outside live animals to protect us from bringing in some cattle disease.  We now add new female genetics by buying frozen embryos from outside donor cows.  Our goal is to identify which of the new females from the outside programs are best and use them for our main donors once they prove themselves.    

Outside Embryo Matings include:


Mytty Countess JVC 9135 (16539152) Full sister to Mytty In Focus

Jindra Acclaim (17972810)

Black Gold LAF Rita 4126 (18016522)  Dam is full sister to GAR Prophet

QHF WWA Black Onyx 5Q11 (18463791)  Sexed for female embryos

Black Gold LAF Rita 4126 (18016522)  Dam is full sister to GAR Prophet

Musgrave Exclusive 316 (18130471)  Sexed for female embryos

SS 5 Peppers Miss Lucy C235 (18107057)  Full sister to Absolute

VAR Discovery 2240 (17262835)  

SS 5 Peppers Miss Lucy C235 (18107057)  Full sister to Absolute

WR Journey 1X74 (16924332)  

SS 5 Peppers Miss Lucy C235 (18107057)  Full sister to Absolute

Vintage Commander 4152 (17793480)  

SJH Complete of 6108 1522 (17161749)  Full sister to Dam of EXAR Stud

HA Cowboy Up 5405 (18286467)

SJH Complete of 6108 1522 (17161749)  Full sister to Dam of EXAR Stud

WR Journey 1X74 (16924332) 

Powell Lady Prideva 6040 (18442331) {Mom is a full sister to Tour of Duty and sire is Rampage}

HA Cowboy Up 5405 (18286467)

Craft Erroline 3039-1601 (18584759) Flush sister to the World Champion pen of bulls at the Midland Bull Test

Stevenson Turning Point (18434747)

GAR 100X 2195 (18333181)

SAV Raindance 6848 (18578965) Sexed for female embryos

Thomas Erica 45710 (18177699)

SAV Raindance 6848 (18578965) Sexed for female embryos

EXAR Lucy 4190 (17822302)   Sexed for female embryos

QHF WWA Black Onyx 5Q11 (18463791) 

VAR Blackbird 1273 (17001849)

BSF Hot Lotto 1401 (17919726)

Basin Lucy 0374 (16605549)

HA Cowboy Up 5405 (18286467)

Basin Lucy 0374 (16605549)

AAR Ten X 7008 SA (15719841)

EXAR Erica 4681 (17897079)

Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36 (16925771)

Zebo Queen 3000 (17816771)

EXAR Stetson 3704B (17434364)

OHF Alexis Upward Z53 (17402361)

SAV Final Answer 0035 (13592905)

Decades Primrose 1444 (18083430) 

WR Journey 1X74 (16924332) 

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