Saturday, April 25, 2020


UPDATE: 3/28/2020

Our Bull Sale will still be held on April 25th and will be conducted online at .

Buyers can leave absentee bids with us or bid on the internet.   

The online sale will open on April 24th and close on Saturday, April 25th at 7PM.


 Our annual Sedgewood Angus Bull Sale will have 35 Angus bulls with ages running from 17 months to 19 months and weights from 1,350 to 1,750 pounds.  All are AI or Embryo Transfer. 

Each bulls' EPD's, weights and sires are posted below. Click a bull’s tattoo number to take you to the American Angus website where you then click the search button to view the bull’s pedigree and DNA enhanced EPD’s. Click the AI sire’s name to view the sire’s photo, EPD’s, pedigree, etc.  The photos at the bottom of this page illustrate the quality, muscle and docility of Sedgewood Angus bulls.

2020 Sedgewood Bull Sale Candidates

The bulls will be weighed & semen tested after they are brought home from the field on April 5th.  Their photos, weights, floor prices, etc. will then be added to this page. 


Call or email to make an appointment to come review the bulls before April 25th.  Absentee bids will be started at the floor price and raised only if there are competing bids.  You will not pay any more than you would if you were present at one of our on-farm auctions.  If no competing bids then you will get your bull at his floor price regardless of how much more your max bid was. 

How We Price Our Bulls

Floor prices start at $1,800 and top out at $3,500.  We price each animal taking into consideration their birth, weaning, and current weights, docility, EPD's, and many other factors.   Any bulls not sold will be available for private treaty afterwards but their private treaty price will be higher than the floor prices in this sale.

As a rule of thumb, the value of a good Registered Angus bull is 4 to 5 times the value of a 550-600# commercial steer calf.  Good 550-600# steer calves are bringing $750 - $800 each which places the value of a good bull at $3,000 to $4,000.  Superior bulls are worth more. 

Last Year's 2019 Bull Sale Results


We sold 33 of the 36 bulls offered in our opening day bull sale Saturday, April 27, 2019.  The top bull sold for $5,500 with seven bulls selling for over $4,000.  The 33 bulls sold for an average of $3,430.   


A big THANK YOU goes out to Lindsey Sims for buying the top bull for $5,500, Peyton Randolph for the 2nd top bull @ $4,900, and Chris Krielow for not only taking the 3rd top selling bull @ $4,800 but also taking four good bulls back home to southwest Louisiana.  


We also appreciate our many long time, repeat buyers.  Steve Armstrong bought his 17th bull and Frank Nichols bought his 8th bull this time.  


Nancy and I really appreciate y’all taking the time to come to our sale.   Our program would not be a success without your confidence in Sedgewood bulls.

*Photos of this year's bulls will be added in early April*

Photos below are from last year's 2019 sale bull . 

Click on the image to enlarge:


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